ENGLISH OBJ: 1ACCABBCDBA 11DCACCCDBCC 21AACDABDCBC 31BADBBDCBDB 41CCADABBDBA 51BADDAAACCC 61BAACCDDDCD 71ACBDADBCAC ============= ============= (6a) (i) They always go to play football (ii) They go for swimming (6b) They went to hunt for crabs which they sold for money (6c) They were carried away by their activities (6d) (i) He left behind all his catch (ii) He was severely punished (6e) His Mother either floges him or reprimand him (6f) (i) Metaphor (ii) He had caused trouble for which he would be punished (6gi) Adverbial clause (6gii) It modifies the verb screamed (6hi)Deter – stop (6hii)Preserve – conserve (6hiii)Augment – supplement (6hiv)Ventured – went (6hv)Concerned – anxious ==================================== (7a) (i) Youths waste valuable time which they should have used to study (ii) Social media corrupts their minds and makes them immoral (iii) It makes them become criminals (7b) (i) Parents should train their children well (ii) Teachers should ensure that the children get the right skills and attitudes (iii) The community should inculcate in the youth, their customs and values through role modelling ENGLISH LANGUAGE 2017 LETTER WRITING QUESTION. 1.) Your father has just built a new house for the family. Write a letter to your elder brother who lives in abroad describing the new house and the prestige it has accorded your family. 2.) Write an article suitable for the publication of a national newspaper, discussing two major problems facing your country and suggesting ways of solving them. 3.) The electricity supply in your school has been irregular. As the senior prefect, write a letter to the chairman of the Parents-Teacher Association (PTA) telling him about the effect of this on the school and the need to provide a standby generator for the school. 4.) Your principal is due for retirement at the end of the academic year. As the senior prefect, write a speech which you would deliver to honor him/her as a send-off party. 5.) Write a story ending with the expression. At last we arrived safely. Created at 2017-04-13 05:14:01